expressionistic nude pastel drawing

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Model – 01-12-17

Drawing Sessions

Some months ago I started attending some model drawing sessions at Rotterdam where I did short positions again. Eager as I am to return to the basis of things once in a while, I liked it a lot. Since there is so little time to measure things out, I had to come up with a different way of rendering the model. Contrary to my executions of works in roundism style I had to rely on my trained eye for proportions, positioning and scaling and lay thick strokes of pastel right away.

Working with a New Model

The result I think is a new kind of style I never employed and yesterday evening I had a great model to work on. She showed all the right curves and I used a lot of strong colours that combined would ‘grey up’ the total pastel at a certain distance. It’s the same technique (a kind of pointillistic divisionism) I used in a previous pastel I recently made of a little boy.


New Ways of Rendering

Next to this, for quite some time I am looking for different ways of rendering a model. My style of roundism still suits me but I want to do live drawing a little bit more, even though ‘roundism’ consumes a lot of time. At the same time my newly discovered Pastelmat offered me to lay thick strokes of pastel very quickly, enabling me to test colour relations quicker than I ever did. Combined with a great live model this pastel is the result and I am planning to do more in the near future.


Oil Painting

This pastel drawing I used for as a basis for my oil painting ‘Roundism 02-02-18’. Even though it is the same model, I rendered her in oil much more cubistic and fauvistic.


Pastel drawing on Clairefontaine Pastemal paper (49.8 x 69.6 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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