Model – 01-12-17

Some months ago I started attending some drawing sessions at Rotterdam where I did short positions again. I liked it a lot and since there is so little time to measure things out, I had to come up with a different way of rendering the model. Contrary to my roundism style I had to rely on my trained eye for proportions, positioning and scaling and lay thick strokes of pastel right away. The result I think is a new kind of style I never employed and yesterday evening I had a great model to work on. She showed all the right curves and I used a lot of strong colours that combined would ‘grey up’ the total pastel at a certain distance. It’s the same technique (a kind of pointillistic divisionism) I used in a previous pastel I recently made of a little boy.

Next to this, for quite some time I am looking for different ways of rendering a model. My style of roundism still suits me but I want to do live drawing a little bit more and then cubism / roundism consumes too much time. At the same time my newly discovered Pastelmat offered me to lay thick strokes of pastel very quickly, enabling me to test colour relations quicker than I ever did. Combined with a great live model this pastel is the result and I am planning to do more in the near future.

Pastel drawing on Clairefontaine Pastemal paper (49.8 x 69.6 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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