Haagse Bos (The Hague Forest) 01 (2014)

A pastel drawing of The Hague Forest (Haagse Bos) in quite some impressionistic moves. I always am fascinated by the sun shimmering through vegetation, deforming and reshaping it. From Monet I learnt at a very young age that in shades there are lots of colours to be found.


I often walk through The Hague Forest (Haagse Bos) at The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands where I live near by. When the sun sets sometimes it sets the trees on fire so it seems. I like the appearance of the sun deforming treescapes and rendering leafs to yellow and orange hues because of the strong razor backlighting. Next to this I stronly thought of impressionists like Monet, telling there are lots of colours to be found in shadows.


Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper (47 x 62 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

Sales info: info@corneakkers.com