impressionist treescape pastel drawing

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The Hague Golf & Country club (2014)

Light Show

On invitation by one of my students I visited The Hague Golf & Country Club where I saw the gateway to the club. Oh boy, how it turned into one big light show of yellows and oranges during autumn! It look as if the scenery was set on fire. Of course the sun atributed its part by casting great light sideway into the leaves. I strongly thought of Pissarro when I made this impressionistic pastel, creating more like a blur of leaves after the fashion of great impressionism.


Hatertse Vennen

When doing this I also thought of the use of color in a previous pastel drawing ‘Hatertse Vennen 02 (2012)’. Though that one had a lot more of hatched strokes in it. In this one I felt more confident to use small and long patches of pastel stripes, almost looking like plains. Certainly that had something to do with the pastel sticks I used for the darker regions, namely the big sized ones of Unison. Sometimes I use this pastel to demonstrate students how tree trunks are everything but brownish. Since they usually lack a strong base color they are receptive for taking on purples, dark greens and blues in shadowy regions.


 Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper (50 x 65 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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