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The Implicite Order – 11-03-20

A Continuation

A continuation of the previous painting called ‘The Implicite Order – 05-02-20’, commissioned by an American collector. This time I shifted toward yellow and purple complementary relations, counterbalancing the heavy tonal clairobscur differences. In contrast to the first painting I experimented with some more abrupt tonal contour delineations. However, I placed them within a rhythmic scheme, placed throughout the linen in circular patterns.


Saturational Balances

There is also more balance in the saturational mix because I made some areas unsaturated and some more brilliant. The reason is that I think the yellows are the hardest ones to keep attractive in a painting because they appear screaming when overexposured. In this painting they are encapsulated by the purples quite nicely so they play a modest part from a quantitative point of view. This very principle I derived from something I read on the quantity of yellow, orange and reds in relation to the golden ratio.


Golden Ratio

Of course the golden ratio curve plays a key role in this painting and through the use of purple and yellows, contrasts are entwined, swirling into eachother like an eternal dervish of life. How explicite can I be, portraying the implicite order like this.


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 Oil on linen (60 x 80 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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