cubistic nude colored pencil drawing called golden brown

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Golden Brown – 24-08-20

New paper experiment

The story behind ‘Golden Brown’ is that the other day I bought new paper by Talens (Toned Colour Mix). It is a sturdy dark blue sheet perfect for colored pencil and pastel sticks. I also happened to find an old pastel stick (gold, Cretacolor 48254) that I did not use yet. In fact working with that stick almost feel like using colored pencil rather than pastel.


Golden Brown

Then I thought of my regular model of indian descendance that always reminds me to ‘Golden Brown’ by The Strangers. She has this incredible range of skin hues: from pinkish brown rose to yellow browns. The aim was simple but effective this evening: do a colored pencil / pastel drawing under 2 hours and test the paper and the pastel. I must say I am quite content.


Slightly Cubistic

I kept the body slightly cubistic and a lot of paper open so the positive form of the body could communicate with dark blue plains surrounding it. As often I used two light source: one articial at the left and daylight that I tempered by closing the curtains. This way I created a combination of yellow and blue light that effected the skin tones and hues the way I liked it. Last but not least: this drawing inspired to do a whole series with the theme ‘Golden’. The next one became ‘Golden Pink – 13-09-20’.


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Colored pencil and pastel drawing on Talens toned colour paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm) – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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