thumbnail portrait of Corne Akkers

22nd March 2020

Started a new project last week: Frida Kahlo, based on my drawing ‘Sans titre – 11-10-18‘. I was quite happy with it and I immediately sold it too.

The challenge is to surpass the drawing. Because of scaling it up (to 85 x 120 cm) there is so more room to show details. I put myself the question what my journey will be but it will not be an unhappy one in the midst of this Corona crises, leaving me little else to do than paint.

Feeling locked down or rather locked in there is only one way out: through Frida. The reference picture is a rare nude of her and the positioning of the cat in the front exactly looks like my cat Furia reclining on the couch I portrayed a couple of years back. That is a great starting point!