thumbnail portrait of Corne Akkers

4th August 2019

Started a new painting tody, based on my previous drawing ‘Nude – 17-06-15‘. After building my new website in July I longed for dragging myself from the screen to the wood panel and do this one, also because I feel an obligation to finally work out all of my graphite pencil ideas onto wood panel and/or linen.

I did so many drawings throughout the years but my brushes lay there quite unemployed and my new Bettie Page project still is far from finished. Time for an intermezzo.

This one this evening felt like painting my whole life in one day. The best paintings I have done are forceful in the beginning and that is why I wanted  to jumpstart this one. I like sharing the build-up and later sessions, also because I can keep track of my own progression. So more post to come.