The premonition of Bettie Page – 08-02-20

Surrealistic portrait graphite pencil drawing

My painting ‘The Restoration of Bettie Page’ heads for its final stage of completion. It just feels right to announce the birth of this painting by someone special and who else could do that better than High Priestess herself: Julia Filament?

Bettie Page – 19-05-18

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

I found this great early picture of a young Bettie Page posing before her pin-up days of fame.

Bettie Page – 01-09-17 (sold)

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

This time I made Bettie somehow rectangular, circular and squareish, matching her perfect female forms to simplifyed geometric shapes, not loosing a hint of impressionistic feel of realism.

Bettie Page – 28-08-17

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

Returning to Bettie Page once in a while because her body was so slender and enables me to exploit my style of roundism to the max.

Bettie Page – 24-02-17

surrealistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Another drawing by me of Bettie Page returning to surrealism again. After scrutinizing her features and estimating what her character would have been like I came to an inescapable conclusion. Eggs, rabbits, dogs and snakes could be derived from her and were essential for her expression.

Bettie Page – 16-01-17 (sold)

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

With her slender body Bettie Page always has been a great model to put my project ’roundism’ on wheels. There’s not a single curve in her body that doesn’t makes me go cubistic.