Dordrecht – 07-12-17

cubistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

A couple of weeks back I was going to the Jongkind exhibition at the Dordrechtse Museum at Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands and I decided to go on a short detour across the city which I visit almost two decades ago for the last time.

Delft – 19-08-17 (sold)

Surrealistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

As I came across Delft by bike I saw the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ bathing in sunlight and thought it to be a great opportunity to send it to heaven being a Saturnus rocket standing on a launch platform.

Oss – 05-01-17

cubistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

Oss is a medium sized city in Noord-Bravant, Netherlands and I was in the local museum there (Jan Cunen) I had this view on Oss with the trees at the left of the drawing flowing into the clouds.

Rijswijk – 04-12-15

Cubistic church graphite pencil drawing

The straight lines of the church and the difference in mass between the planes and the those of the branches, inspired to make this piece.

Culemborg – 21-11-15

cubistic urban graphite pencil drawing

I was lead by the cubist qualities of the Streets of Culemborg, a city in the centre of the Netherlands, in Gelderland.

Oudewater – 27-04-14

impressionistic cityscape pen drawing

One of the rare ink / pen drawings I made during adulthood in spite of all efforts when I was a child.