Clingendael – 16-03-23

impressionist landscape graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Clingendael – 16-03-23’ follows shortly after my last one of Castle Wittenburg two days ago.

Clingendael – 25-04-19

impressionistic graphite pencil drawing of sheep and trees

A second of a new series of small drawings depicting estate ‘Clingendael’ at The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

Clingendael – 24-04-19

impressionistic graphite pencil drawing of a pond with swans

Wednesday (daytime) is my ‘day off’. Teaching art class is due in the evening and I have lots of time to go outdoors now spring has arrived. Estate ‘Clingendael’ is just around the corner to where I live here in The Hague and there i saw two swans swimming by.

Estate Clingendael – 08-08-14

impressionistic mansion graphite pencil drawing

The main manor on estate ‘Clingendael’ at The Hague, Netherlands – side view. I like reflections in water. A great opportunity to practise my drawing skills.

Clingendael – 14-08-13

impressionistic treescape graphite pencil sketch

A quick impressionistic sketch from my tours through The Hague and its parks. This one is Clingendael.