Roundism – 19-08-20

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing in the roundism series

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Model session – 14-05-20

Impressionistic nude charcoal drawing

These Corona days show little or no model sessions at all. However my model and I felt confident to do a new session after a long time, taking all precautions.

Model session – 23-12-19

My regular model comes to visit me every month and this time I had the plan to put only two small LED light sources around her.

Julia – 11-09-18

cubist nude colored pencil drawing

The third drawing of Julia Gómez Avilés rendered with colour pencils. Last week I bought a great collection of Prismacolour pencils that brought me great joy using them

Nude – 01-10-17

cubistic nude colored pencil drawing

A rather loose cubistic sketch done with colour pencils. For the 4th time in a row I used the same (indian) model. Her skin allows me to use a lot of yellow which I counterbalanced with edgy purple planes.

Bettie Page – 16-01-17 (sold)

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

With her slender body Bettie Page always has been a great model to put my project ’roundism’ on wheels. There’s not a single curve in her body that doesn’t makes me go cubistic.