Rotterdam – 01-05-21

impressionist harbour graphite pencil drawing

After my last drawing of Rotterdam (Het Depot – 15-03-21) I thought it was time to do another drawing. I had something vague in mind: something impressionistic and rudimentary.

Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen – 15-03-21

surrealist urban graphite pencil drawing

Rotterdam’s latest acquisition is the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen. There was this online première in Januari 2021 during corona times but it drew less attention than deserved. Upon my word, I declare ‘Het Depot’ or in slang Rotterdam ‘De Pot’, a new wonder of the world.

Rotterdam – 23-07-19

impressionistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing of Rotterdam

In the dead of summer means I am in the midst of the outdoor sketching season. Although I did not complete this one on the spot the invention of the basic composition and planal distribution were done at Katendrecht, Rotterdam.

Rotterdam – 14-05-19

Cubistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

At Katendrecht in Rotterdam I had a clear view on the old harbour buildings and I saw the potential of horizontals, some verticals and a diagonal by means of a quay to the right.

Rotterdam – Delftshaven – 31-03-17 (sold)

impressionistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

Situated at Rotterdam, Delftshaven is the old harbour entree for the city of Delft, at the north of Rotterdam. I wanted to do a drawing full of atmosperic depth but still with a bit of cubist styling in it.

Rotterdam – Coolhaven – 02-03-16 (sold)

Impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

A rather impressionistic view on Coolhaven (part of the harbour of Rotterdam). I made this drawing inspired by a trip to Rotterdam when I passed by the Coolhaven and I lost a contact that day so I saw it quite blurry.