Park Hoog Oostduin – 14-09-22

impressionist treescape graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing Park Hoog Oostduin – 14-09-22 follows directly after Het Sterrenbos – 12-09-22. Suddenly I found myself embracing the love for drawing trees again.

Beek – 19-04-21

cubist landscape graphite pencil drawing

This drawing of Beek is a continuation of previous graphite pencil drawings like Marlot – 04-04-21. In these latest series of I set out to sharpen my feel for realism meeting my roundistic principles. Of course I see abstract phenomena in real objects already for a long time.

Buitengoed Leeuwenbergh – 25-03-21

impressionist landscape graphite pencil drawing

Last week on my way home from a student I came across Buitengoed Leeuwenbergh. It was late in the afternoon and surprizingly a drizzly grey day turned into a blue sky with a beautiful sunset. It so happened I saw this incredible and bizarre curved tree trunk.

Voorburg – 16-07-19

cubistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

On my way to my students in Voorburg I come across Park ‘t Loo that had a reshape last year.

Kethel -13-07-19

Cubistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

When I returned to my car from my little trip to Kethel, Schiedam, Netherlands, I saw this beautiful tree in bloom. Sometimes you look for grand things and the little all of a sudden pop into your eyes when least expected.