Golden – 18-07-22

realist nude oil painting

Golden is my new project I finished just ago. I thought it was time to extend the Golden series with another oil paint. Golden – 18-05-22 was the last one and I didn’t know what forms to solarize and to style cubistically next.

Blue Velvet – 09-07-22

expressionist nude oil painting

Blue Velvet is my next one after the more comprehensive work on Geesje Kwak. Time for an elaboration of a previous drawing Solarised Roundism – 01-07-22.

Solarized Roundism – 01-07-22

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Solarized Roundism – 01-07-22’ is a welcome change from oil painting. After the completion of ‘Geesje Kwak and the Secret of the Universe – 28-06-22’ it was time to return to sketching.

Solarised Roundism – 16-06-22

cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

Finally, a new drawing and it is a new Solarized Roundism. The last solarized one I did was ‘Risque – 31-03-22’. Graphite pencil drawings do not come popping up weekly anymore since I put my mind to oil painting back in February. Occasionally one is fininished as a result of some spare time I have, waiting for my students at Brugman Art. So is this one.

Wag the Dog – 24-04-22

surrealist nude oil painting

My graphite pencil drawing Wag the Dog – 26-09-21 was waiting on the shelf to be put into oil. After my last oil Slava Ukraini – 18-04-22 I thought I’d use another surrealist theme and why not?

Slava Ukraini – 18-04-22

surrealist nude oil painting

The West has recently become familiar with the phrase ‘Slava Ukraini’. Obviously everyone who is a democrat and values freedom above all can support the meaning of this slogan.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – 05-04-22

cubist nude oil painting

This oil painting ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is born out of some kind of felt urgency. Never before in my life I longed for Spring and Summer in particular than this year.

Ode to Tamara de Lempicka – 31-03-22

cubist nude oil painting

This oil is an ode to Tamara de Lempicka and why not? Since I haven’t enjoyed a formal training I had to learn directly from all great masters. Surely I consider her to be one because she developed a distinct style to call her own.