Risque – 22-02-22

cubist nude oil painting

This Risque oil looks like a wild Liberace. Or could it be that I was inspired by the song ‘Digital Love’? Often I get these almost synaesthetic feelings whilst listening to music.

Risque – 17-02-22

cubist nude oil painting

A new Risque oil painting in the Series by same name. After my last one I wanted to wander in a straight linear landscape again. The motif for this one was based on my colored pencil drawing ‘Risque – 01-22’.

Risque – 13-12-21

expressionist nude oil painting

Risque is the title of a new oil, in fact a new series. I felt this one was urgent and below I explain why. The lovely means by making my visual point is the depiction of model Julia Gómez Avilés. It was wonderful to work with her again