Roundism – 07-08-22

cubist nude oil painting

This work is a conversion of Roundism – 07-08-21 into oil. For the appreciation of the initial reference picture I refer to that.

anaglyphical roundism – 27-07-22

cubist nude oil painting

This oil painting Anaglyphical Roundism – 27-07-22 is my next project after ‘Golden – 18-07-22’. That one kicked up a lot of dust. Of course I like to vary so this time it was all about cubist styling again.

Roundism – 10-02-22

cubist nude oil painting

This roundism oil painting is quite different from the last roundistic one, called ‘Singularity – 23-12-21’. Whereas the latter was all about the use of shiny colors, the experiment at hand has another color range.

Singularity – 23-12-21

cubist nude oil painting

After my initial graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism (Singularity) – 01-06-17’ I also made a pastel Roundism (Singularity) – 05-06-17. Basically it combines a formalistic point of view on artistic nudity with a deeper meaning or narrative. The latter is about the principles of singularity.

Roundism – 12-05-18

cubistic nude oil painting

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Roundism – 13-03-18 (sold)

Cubistic nude oil painting

Some years back I saw an incredible oil painting by Herman Gouwe of a sunset in cyan, yellow, purple and red and I it baffled me. How could bright shining light ever be portrayed better than this.

Roundism – 20-02-18

cubist nude pastel drawing

This oil painting is the final piece on the series of the pastel and graphite pencil drawing on the same theme. I decided to abstract the female figure even more, reducing the oily reflections on her body to cubist planes, creating rhythym and diction of light and dark tones.

Roundism – 11-02-18

cubistic nude oil painting

Based on two previous artworks: a pastel called ‘Into the light – 15-06-17’ (impressionistic, surrealsitic) and a graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 04-07-17’. I liked both works and took the colour scheme of the pastel drawing in reds and greens but also used the roundism style of the pencil drawing and combine them.