Fox the Fox – 04-05-22

surrealist nude oil painting

Fox the Fox -04-05-22 is an elaboration of a graphite pencil drawing Nude – 04-10-15 I made years ago.

Wag the Dog – 24-04-22

surrealist nude oil painting

My graphite pencil drawing Wag the Dog – 26-09-21 was waiting on the shelf to be put into oil. After my last oil Slava Ukraini – 18-04-22 I thought I’d use another surrealist theme and why not?

The Meeting -15-02-22

expressionist landscape oil painting

This oil ‘The Meeting’ has a long story. Ages ago, before my cubist and roundistic revolution, I was more into landscapes and surrealism.

Mother Nature – 22-01-21

surrealist nude oil painting

Mother Nature holds many secrets but let me sketch you the following. All of a sudden you spot a naked woman on her own in the middle of a forest. Would you be attracted to her or would you run away screaming?

Frida Kahlo (2020)

surrealistic nude oil painting

A couple of years ago I came across a nude photo of Frida Kahlo. I guess she did a lot of experimenting in the roaring 1920s / 1930s. I was intrigued by her body position: reclining and amidst two cats, completely demanding the camera in a relaxed way though.

Una in aliam – 01-09-19

cubist nude surrealist oil painting

This oil painting is based on my drawing ‘Nude – 17-06-15’. An artist often sees one thing in another. Salvador Dali saw a rhinoceros in Vermeer’s Lacemaker. I saw a horse in a women’s thigh.

Mary Pickford – 13-09-17

cubistic portrait oil painting of Mary Pickford

This is the painting based on a previous drawing ‘Sans titre – 25-10-16’ depicting Mary Pickford, one of the first female leading ladies in movie history.

Hakata Bay – 29-06-15 (sold)

Surrealistic seascape oil painting

A commissioned piece representing the battle of Bun’ei near Hakata Bay, where Samurai try to stop the Mongols in the year 1274.

Ilna (2012) (sold)

Surrealistic portrait oil painting

A commissionary piece for my dear colleague Humphrey Brugman, with some surrealistic elements added.