Roundism – 18-01-18

cubist nude pastel drawing

Based on my previous graphite drawing ‘Roundism – 11-01-18’ I made this one in pastel, allowing me to study the female body covered in oil.

Model session @ Rotterdam – 19-11-17 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Yesterday’s session at Rotterdam offered Gabriëlle, the model of that Sunday afternoon. She had great hip bones and was slender, thus showing great angles and triangles with her body.

Model session 2 @ Rotterdam – 19-11-17

cubistic nude pastel dawing

Short positions at live model sketching took me back to reinvent my way rendering human bodies and together with my new found Pastelmat by Clairefontaine I was able to experiment with new ways.

Pearls – 01-03-16 (sold)

Cubistic nude pastel drawing

This was commissioned work and the purpose was to capture sensuality and through cubist forms get the round female shapes.