Golden – 01-02-21

cubist nude pastel drawing

This pastel is in line with my previous pastel drawing ‘Golden – 28-01-21’ but that one looks rather monochrome. Time it was to add some more colors and define relations between them. After all, that is what color is all about.

Golden – 28-01-21

cubist nude pastel drawing

After my previous pastel drawing I decided to do a totally different one. Not in hatched strokes but smoothed out I had in mind.

Golden – 27-01-21

impressionist nude pastel drawing

This nude pastel drawing in the Golden series resembles a previous pastel ‘Nude – 02-02-19’ a bit. However, I put the stress on skin hues in order to stay in line with the purpose of the series.

Roundism – 18-01-18

cubist nude pastel drawing

Based on my previous graphite drawing ‘Roundism – 11-01-18’ I made this one in pastel, allowing me to study the female body covered in oil.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Roundism – 29-11-17)

cubistic nude pastel drawing

Based on a earlier roundism graphite pencil drawing I made this pastel adding the realm of colours. I wanted the woman appear in a kind of midsummernight’s dream with lots of yellow and blues, girded with some purples and pinks.

Model session @ Rotterdam – 19-11-17 (sold)

Expressionistic nude pastel drawing

Yesterday’s session at Rotterdam offered Gabriëlle, the model of that Sunday afternoon. She had great hip bones and was slender, thus showing great angles and triangles with her body.

Roundism – 29-05-17 (sold)

cubistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel version of the graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 26-05-17’. I used the primary colours red, yellow and blue to honor ‘De Stijl’, a dutch art movement that celebrates its 100 birthday this year.

The widow of Aleppo – 18-05-17 (sold)

cubistic nude pastel drawing

I always wanted to do a piece after Rembrandt’s Jeremiah lamenting Jerusalem’s destruction and I could not find a more appropiate subject than the horrific destruction of Aleppo.

Roundism – 10-05-17

Cubistic nude pastel drawing

A pastel variety on the previous drawing ‘Roundism – 02-05-17’ in which I tried to match the found styled forms to a colour scheme that would match them.

Nude – 21-12-16 (sold)

impressionistic nude pastel drawing

Did this one for a Chinese collector who wanted to have a copy the same pastel from 2012 which he acquired as well. The Chinese are into realistic western art nowadays.