Melina Noëlle – 17-09-22

realist portrait pastel drawing

And then the day for a planned live model session finally arrived: drawing Melina Noëlle. She is the daughter of Guinnie who is, together with her sister Gaby, responsible for the catering in Brugman art.

Matthijs & Ben – 26-02-20 (sold)

realistic portrait pastel drawing

This one is special. Long since they passed away only know to reappear in pastel. This one represents my uncle Ben taking care of his son Matthijs some 30 years ago.

Manon – 11-10-19 (sold)

Impressionistic portrait pastel drawing

A commissionary piece. The girl has natural blonde hair, alabaster skin and blue eyes. It goes without saying that it was senseless to put her in full daylight. I let her sit for me ‘contrejour’ so the light from behind would be shattered through her blonde hair like through a prisma.

Wouter – 08-11-17 (sold)

Impressionistic portrait pastel drawing

A commissioned piece done in an impressionistic style with lots of clairobscur. I had to come up with a solution for depicting his pale skin hues and still rendering them too unsaturated.

Pieternella – 18-07-15 (sold)

Cubistic portrait pastel drawing

Commissioned work. They wanted a portrait in a cubistic style. I used velours paper so I could make planes very easily with my Schmincke pastels.

Laura – 01-04-15 (sold)

Impressionistic portrait pastel drawing

A commission piece done in an impressionistic style with lots of clairobscur. I liked doing the blue in the hair at the left top side, showing the blue sky just outside the window.

Portrait of a lady (2012) (sold)

Impressionistic portrait of Nicole Kidman pastel pencil drawing

It’s not that often that I like to finedetail a drawing but in the case of portraying Nicole Kidman I liked to see how far I could push my own style of hatched strokes with my Derwent pastel pencils (I hardly use).