cubist nude pastel drawing

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Golden – 13-12-23

Pastel Again

This pastel drawing ‘Golden – 13-12-23’ follows directly after my last oil painting ‘Cosmic Dance – 10-12-23’. Last time I made a pastel ‘Melina Noëlle – 17-09-22’ was a long time ago. That was merely a sketch. Lately I like doing more oil paintings because I think those lag considerably behind graphite pencil drawings in number. Besides that, there are so many drawings waiting to be converted to oil paint. But what about pastels? There are artworks I did in all three executions like my Singularity series. In fact I had just the right piece in mind and that was ‘Roundism – 22-03-17’. Personally, I think this one also could be well put into a cubist oil in the near future.

Golden Series

Naturally this one fits right in the Golden Series I started three years ago. I must confess it has proven not to be the most popular series. I am happy with it nonetheless. The series revolves around the representation of complexions of women of color. I became interested in colours they bear and the complex relations between these colors. Such may also be caused by my regular model who is of Indian descendance. There are so many colour varieties ranging from orange, yellow and pink to blue, purple and even green. These I had in mind right from the start.

Nor Realist Nor Abstract

You see, transfering the drawing is easy because the concept and the abstract forms are already there. In the past and also now I see the biggest trouble is to choose the right color scheme. However, this doesn’t necessarily will match possibilities of forms in monochrome. Therefor I had to adjust them a bit in order to have colors represent bodily features in an appropiate manner. Even that I figured out very quickly. The most challenging part though was to make both the realist aspect and the level of abstraction plausible. Almost at the end I found the depiction had become too realistic. Therefor I enforced the circular blue lines in order to have people enjoy both aspects. I hope they do. Do you?

Pastel drawing on Clairfontaine Pastel Mat paper (69.4 x 49.8 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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