cubist nude graphite pencil drawing

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Neo Deco – 29-08-23

Third Drawing

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Neo Deco – 29-08-23’ is a co-production with someone who calls himself ‘CapitalistTools’. A true enigmatic name! His profile can be seem on His name doesn’t associate much with the true beauty of his model photography though. Hence, the third time I use one of his photos. The last one I used for ‘Roundism – 22-12-22’. In such case I always feel a bit clumsy. The composition is not mine. Then again, most photographers may be inspired by poses of models photographed by others as well. It’s like to be inspired by forerunners and formulating answers to their produce. That, I can live with. Now the added value!

Unity and Harmony

The pose itself looked very angular. Fastinating how a model can strike and keep such a pose. It’s perfectly balanced despite my fear the folding chair can collapse any moment. Anyway, I had it in my mind to counterbalance this angularity with a series of roundish forms. As I did in previous drawings I opened up the body, this time throughout the whole depiction. That way there is this spectacular pose, yet not separated from the negative space around the female form. Instead of separation there’s unity and harmony to be found.


Moreover, the rhythym of straight and curved planes and lines is something I took into careful consideration. That took me more time than the actual execution. In fact, it always does. It’s always the ‘how’, not the ‘what’. I guess I lay out the forms and the viewer plays out the meaning. Secretly I expect the viewer to experience what the universe is all about: contrasts! They make up for all we see around us. Rain and sunshine, male and female, light and dark, sharp versus smooth, warm versus cool. So many contrasting aspects permiate our being. Actually these contrasts are the cause of our existence, spawn it. My ever ambition is to smear them out on canvas or paper. You pick up them up ubconsciously. Just a reminder of how things work. What it’s all about. The female form is just my personal motif.

Graphite pencil (Faber Castell Pitt Graphite Matt pencil 14B) drawing on Fabriano Ingres paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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