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27th June 2019

Hello to you all. I'm rebuilding my website that was way out-of-date. Still under development, trying to master WordPress and steadily reposting all the stuff I made throughout the years. Takes me one hot summer to go.

Anyway, feel free to drop by, take a peak: (mind the 's' so it is secure to click at last 😉

There are some interesting features that the websites offers like comment boxes (when you click on a post) and all kinds of social media share buttons so feel free to share. The site is adaptive to all screen formats. That was a major obstacle since everyone seems to stare at their smartphones nowadays.

Under 'News' I will share all things remarkable, worthwile and relevant, peppered with juicy pictures and short movies. More of a 'blog' kind of resolution I have.

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28th January 2019

Article about me at

Corné Akkers: Artist of Shadow and Light by @BBuzzArt

Corné Akkers: Artist of Shadow and Light

Jul 4, 2018 · 2 min read

I have once tried to learn how to draw; it took me two painful months to master how the light and shadow works in a drawing — all I did was to look at an object, find a spot where the light comes, and express contrast observed within the object. Two months were not enough to fully understand how the concept works and with the frustration, I decided to quit. With this thought, it is nearly unbelievable our artist Corné Akkers — who seems to play with light and shadow by the fullest — did not enjoy formal art training. It feels like it would take a serious amount of time and effort for someone to demonstrate such skills in order to depict what Akkers does — mostly nudes in abstractive formation.

Roundism — 29–07–16, by Corné Akkers

Born in 1969 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Corné Akkers employs a variety of styles that have one thing in common: search for a light on phenomena and shadow and light planes that block in. Akkers uses oil paint, dry pastel, and graphite pencil in his works. It is noticeable that he doesn’t use a lot of colours within his works; the fact lets his works to be more efficient to show the contrast within themselves. The abstraction is another fun part to look at within Akker’s works; he does not see the world in a flat, boring way — he depicts his objects in circular lines to exaggerate volume and space.

Henk Akkers — 15–02–17, by Corné Akkers

Akkers currently works as an artist in the Hague and as a teacher in fine arts in Voorburg, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. According to Akkers, he started drawing since he was two years old — maybe it was in his blood that he was to become an artist.

To see more of Akker’s work, visit:

Nude — 01–10–17, by Corné Akkers
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5th November 2018
Buy Prints of Nude - 06-05-16, a Graphite Drawing on Paper, by Corné Akkers from Netherlands, Sold out, Price is $295, Size is 11.7 x 8.3 x 0 in.

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3rd November 2018

Me speaching at the exhibition of Erick van Driel, Koos Modderman en Cora Alink in Brugman Art, Voorburg. Tot en met 24 november 2018.
Foto’s en © Wiets Burcksen-van Essen.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, staan en binnen
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29th October 2018

Sold a drawing today through

Over deze website
Buy Prints of Roundism – 22-03-18, a Graphite Drawing on Paper, by Corné…
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17th October 2018

I’m featured on / curated for the front page of this week:
The return of Bettie Page – 12-08-15 Bettie Page is one person I always admired. Not only she is sexy as hell but also because she deared to flirt with her sexuality in an era throughout the world many were prunes (and still are…
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11th October 2018

A translateion by my esteemed Facebook friend Michelle Renée l’Hotel in french of my art work:

Sans titre – 11-10-18

Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que je pensais d’elle, à part sa forte personnalité. J’ai parfois aimé ses tableaux et je ne l’ai pas fait. Ce que j’ai en commun avec elle, c’est que nous sommes tous les deux autodidactes et que nous aimons (d) faire notre propre chemin dans la vie. Je l’ai toujours rencontrée de temps en temps, et c’est pour ça que j’ai décidé de la dessiner. J’ai vu une jolie et rare photo nue et je pensais l’inclure dans ma série sans titre / Roundism.

DIVIN Corné Akkers

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2nd October 2018

Sold two pastel paintings to an English collector today:

Estate ‘Oosterbeek’ – 17-03-15 (sold) & Estate ‘Oosterbeek’ 15-07-14 (sold)

Pastel drawings on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper (50 x 65 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers
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2nd October 2018

I’m interviewed as ‘featured artist of the month’ on this month:
I am on a quest of combining great composition in an abstract way, with a…
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24th September 2018

Reviewed on

ARTNOLENS | Les lauréats du BAROMETRE | Septembre 2018

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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en buiten


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30th August 2018

Sold an art work today through
Buy Prints of Sans titre – 08-06-18, a Graphite Drawing on Paper, by Corné Akkers from Netherlands, Sold out, Price is $310, Size is 11.7 x 8.3 x 0 in.
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20th September 2019

Me sketching during De Vlietdagen as a promotion for Brugman Art at the Herenstraat, Voorburg, Netherlands.