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Corne Akkers painting Frida Kahlo at Brugman Art

28th April 2020

In these Corona times I returned to my studio at Brugman Art where I started to teach to students (one at a time) again and working on my Frida Kahlo project

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13th April 2020

Joined Marcelforart today. Go to their page and seek me out. All my drawings and paintings can be seen and ordered here (if available for sale.

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painting in progress of Frida Kahlo by Corne Akkers

13th April 2020

On track with my Frida Kahlo project, based on my drawing ‘Sans titre – 11-10-18’. Getting the resemblance right. Covid-19 has entered the scene as well. Lots of work to do.

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Framed surrealist landscape oil painting

27th March 2020

Not finished yet. Some details to do but my father completed the framing job on my new project ‘The Restoration of Bettie Page (2020)’ (oil on wood panel 85 x 120 cm).

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