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Work in progress on oil painting una in aliam by corne akkers

6th August 2019

Next session of my painting based on my drawing ‘Nude – 17-06-15’. I let the painting dry for a day and started to add some transparent oxyde red, alizarine crimson and raw sienna.

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Work in progress on oil painting una in aliam by corne akkers

4th August 2019

Started a new painting tody, based on my previous drawing ‘Nude – 17-06-15’. After building my new website in July I longed for dragging myself from the screen to the wood panel and do this one, also because I feel an obligation to finally work out all of my ideas in graphite pencil onto wood panel and/or linen.

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28th July 2019

Корн Аккерс (Corne Akkers) – нидерландский художник. Родился в 1969 году, в городе Неймеген.

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22nd July 2019

There is this cosy little park called ‘Park Sonnenburgh’ near to where I teach. It was a nice little sketching session, just before I had a dinner appointment in The Hague.

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cubistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

17th July2019

I am often asked how I build up my drawings. Some think I use rulers or a compass. I just draw with free hand. In this post I give a look at my drawing methods.

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Corne Akkers teaching at Brugman Art

30th June 2019

From July 1st up to and including August 31st 2019) I will open my studio at Brugman Art for summer course (painting and drawing). Everyone is welcome to join my classes

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