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Nude 01 (2012) (sold)

Nude to China

A classical nude piece that went all the way to China. They love such classic art over there and my agent from Shanghai kept me asking for more of these. It was fun to do and I love doing hatched strokes, laying green and pink next to eachother so it will have a greyish effect from a certain distance – almost pointillistic. Such an effect also goes by the name divisionism, I also previously employed in a pastel drawing like Nude in front of Mirror (2012).

Realism and Impressionism

At the beginning of the 2010s I was totally into realism and impressionism still since it was such a long time ago I did pastels. After Degas I was an early lover of hatching but also loved pointillistic trics like the aforementioned divisionism. I cannot decide whether my nudes such as this one is either impressionistic or realistic. That is not really my concern as it is for art critics to decide upon. On the other hand I can tell the reader that I refute realism as such because I do not think a subject to depict cannot be put outside the context of the light it catches at a certain moment in time.


To round this story up: last but not least, I think this nude pastel drawing is a little bit on the corny pretty lady picture side you see on so many social media platforms. I am a teeny weeny bit ashamed by it when I look back at it.


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Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes paper (50 x 65 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers