Impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

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impressionist landscape graphite pencil dawing framing example
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Oosterbeek – 08-04-20

Return to the Spot

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Oosterbeek – 08-04-20’ is the second one. Yesterday’s was my graphite pencil drawing ‘Oosterbeek – 07-04-20’. I quite liked it and so I returned today, trying to shake off this corona blues. This time I chose a specific spot in the park where there is a bend in a brook running through it. I found the reflections of the tree just enough to give my drawing something extra. It gave me some rectangulars counterbalancing all things organic. They also avoid the scenery for becoming to clotted with medium toned subtle branches, leafs and grasses. This I always find very troublesome to deal with. In fact Spring can be a tedious season. Spring green can be charming because it scares away Winter. However, all these subtle lime green structures tightly packed together often offers no real artistic grip to cling on to. So, hurray for naked branches!

Some More Impressionism

I must say I quite have the hang of drawing of these A6-sized works. Basically that is all I can do, what I must do in or outside a lockdown. Who could have thought of this? Not being able to teach drives me into these parks, stimulating me to discover sketching these ones under 2 hours. As to this I feel no real need to pull hefty roundism tricks on these depictions. Time to employ some impressionism again for a change. Makes me think of sketching outdoors in the beginning of the 90s. In the background the Princess Juliana Base still is visible behind the treeline. It is in the process of being converted into apartments I believe. The structure is not a feast for the eye. It servers as a big horizontal counterweight against all things vertical though.

Graphite pencil drawing (Pentel 0.5 mm, 3B) on Winsor & Newton paper (14.8 x 10.5 x 0.1 cm – A6 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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