expressionist nude colored pencil drawing

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Risque – 18-01-22

Hatch It Up

A new drawing in the Risque Series. This time executed with colored pencils. It turned out to become quite different from the previous graphite pencil drawing ‘Risque – 11-01-22’. Lately I was longing for some color in my artistic life. Therefor I wanted to do something similar to a previous drawing ‘Julia – 11-09-18’ of a couple of years back. This kind of hatched strokes style I really was into before the invention of the roundism style. Now you must know that once in a while I feel like trying out what hatching might bring me nowadays. Doing this one I noticed my style of drawing in general became more subtle, don’t you agree? I feel I have more control now, also in smaller sections like fingers and portrait features.

Colored Pencils

Another thing I wanted to try out is working with extreme colors in colored pencil. Artistically speaking that automatically would mean complementary colors. I had my oil painting ‘Risque – 13-12-21’ in mind. Julia – 11-09-18 already had quite a hefty color scheme. This time I wanted to abstract the scheme a bit further. Basically it’s all greens and reds this time. A bit of yellow in the highlights to smooth things out a bit and some blues (dark Indanthrone). Horrible it was to get all the colors right in GIMP, the graphic editor I work with. The scanner didn’t understand it either. I sort of got the colors right but in real life colors look softer, more blended though. All the more reason to conclude one should go visit museums and galleries. You’re always welcome to check out my drawing.

Muse Julia

The model was, of course, my muse Julia Filament. The round chair I was talking about also played a prominent role this time. I liked her zig-zag body position, distributing round and edgy red and green plains, cascading downwards. I kept the background quiet this time, no skirting boards or rebates. The main theme was commanding enough and already filled up more tham 75% of the paper. What I also like is the hefty complementary colors almost suggesting there is a boiling volcano in her head. Her gaze is relaxed and quiet though. Mixed emotions? Who can say what such a beautiful woman thinks of? Her penny for your thoughts?

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Colored pencil drawing (Prismacolor) on Talens toned paper (29.7 x 21 x 0.1 cm – A4 format)

Artist: Corné Akkers