cubist nude oil painting

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Risque – 22-02-22

Synaesthetic State of Mind

This Risque oil looks like a wild Liberace. Or could it be that I was inspired by the song ‘Digital Love’? Often I get these almost synaesthetic feelings whilst listening to music. Daft Punk’s music put feelings of plastic, slickness and flow into my mind. Hence, the roundistic features that came popping out. Well, Storm Eunice was blazing over Holland and my apartment (8th floor) was shaking. I saw the paintings started to wiggle to and fro on the walls. Then I thought I’d open up a bottle. Listening to a hefty song with in one hand my brush and the other a glass of wine! It made me forget all about it.

More Abstraction

The oil is the first one in the Roundism style of Julia in this particular series. The previous oil painting looks rather different. The composition is derived from my graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 11-01-22’ but I took it one step further. This one looks more ‘robotic’ so to speak. In the abdomen area for example I defined more abstracted forms. The drawing looked rather impressionistic but this one is more abstracted, especially in the mid-section. Therefor facial features caught less tonal bandwidth so the focus would lie entirely on the centre of the body. After all, it’s the bodyscape and the overal composition that were the key features that caught my attention.

Saturational Issues

Usually in a later stage one needs to beef up the saturational degree of hues. This time I made parts more unsaturated, more as a correction than as a deliberate act. Sometimes it happens when working in the evening my daylight lamp deceives me. I happened to paint the colors warmer than they ought to be due to the cool lamp. Seeing your painting in the morning can give the feeling your worsest enemy changed your painting during the night. Colors simply were too strong. This morning I completed it nevertheless by tuning them down with some earth pigments. The result almost reminds me to futurism in a way.

Click here to see this art work on display at Micksart Gallery, Emmen, Netherlands in 2023.

Oil on linen (60 x 80 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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