cubistic nude oil painting

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Roundism – 02-12-14

Roundism Prestudies

This oil painting ‘Roundism – 02-12-14’ is the result of so many roundism prestudies in graphite and pastel. In other words: All efforts culminated into this oil painting. One could say it all started with my graphite pencil drawing ‘Roundism – 18-08-14’. As that one  I remember I was drawing circular forms to create body mass. They almost look like derived from one of those books on how to draw human figures. Therefor I often teach my students to create body mass that way up to date.

In Color

The dimension of color gives these swirly structures an extra zest, I think. Executing this one in oil also offered me another opportunity. That’s the display of planes of different color placed ajacent to eachother. Not differing much from a tonal point of view though. Obviously the scale is much bigger and one can show more anyway. Personally I like the brown hues in the thorax and the hips. They contras the saturation of brighter of hues distributed over the wood panel more profoundly.


An addition to the initial drawing was the curve that starts at the left bottom. It runs across the body and leaves the painting in the upper right corner. It is the principle of ogee. Next to being a great feature as used in architecture I had some kind of epiphany. Fom a spiritual point of view, ogees run the universe. As to this my roundism style is essential, perhaps even urgent in these times. What do you think?

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Oil on wood panel (100 x 120 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers