Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

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Roundism – 16-01-19


Last August international dancer and model Julia Gómez Avilés came over to my studio. Together with fellow artist Julia Filament we held a wonderful live session. This drawing is from a reference picture I took during that session. Others from that same session were ‘Roundism – 07-09-18’ and a colored pencil drawing ’Roundism – 17-09-18’. The first more or less was in the same style and the second became more abstracted.

The Search

My aim was to prolong my search for combining realism, impressionism and cubism, resulting in my personal style ‘roundism’. My last graphite pencil drawing ‘One Thing in Another – 05-01-19’was rather angular of nature. Therefor I like to vary as much as I can. Maybe it is similar to the search in each work? So the thing is this: I vary in this respect that I work to and fro, leaving no area untouched. Surely that could be the recipy for change and renewal indeed. It is all about to keep the work open as much as possible. I focus on treating big plains first and postponing details as long as possible. This way I offer my subconsciousness the opportunity to guide my rational mind. The latter can only bring me techniques, not ideas.

Strong Diagonal Movements

On closer inspection I saw this position attracted me for a couple of reasons. Strange how a picture all of a sudden induces something I did not see before. The diagonals suggest dynamics and movement. That surely has something to do because of their imbalanced look. On the other hand does she look very relaxed, sitting on the couch like that. Double signals, double whammy! I focused on both the angular as well round aspects in her positioning. I enforced them both with some strong diagonal movements across the paper. Of course, whereever Julia will be, vortices come popping out. They are subtle though because of the impressionist look.  

Graphite pencil drawing on Canson Bristol paper (21 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm – A4 format) 

Artist: Corné Akkers


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