cubist nude pastel drawing

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Roundism – 18-01-18

Oily Rainbow Color Range

Based on my previous graphite drawing ‘Roundism – 11-01-18’ I made this one in pastel. Working with colored sticks allowed me to study the female body covered in oil. What surprising shifts in hues you can see then! I tried to imagine all the strange and abrupt looking threshold values from a tonal point of vue. Consecutively I could think of and apply a suitable color scheme. Oily structures always show rainbow kind of colour schemes. That is the main reason why I ended up with so many different colours. In many artistic eyes such an abundance is a dead sin but I tried to get away with it.

Placing Highlights

For no particular reason I tried to execute the highlights in a recognizable, easy to pick up rhythym. Therefor I placed small white beams and dots. The connection with the initial idea of depicting oily glazings is lost a bit I am afraid. On the other hand a new logic has been created and I quite like the result. By the way, this drawing is a rare example of my roundism style executed in my hatched strokes. For these rather abstract nudes I normally rub out planes, whereas I reserve hatches strokes for more impressionist ones. It was worth the effort though. Never shy to try.

Mixture of Round and Straight Planes

The nude I dressed in luscious roundish structures. You can imagine that through this exuberance display of roundness all things fleshy are emphasized to the max. Such was necessary for the oily highlights to make sense. In order to counterweight all this visual violence I placed some horizontal, vertical and diagonal straight blocks outside the body. In addition I also made these structures less saturated of color. Otherwise the work would not do more but scream and yell towards the spectator. The pastel itself served as a prestudy for my oil ‘Roundism – 20-02-18’.

Pastel drawing on Clairefontaine Pastemal paper (49.8 x 69.6 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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