20th July 2020

In the meantime: Me teaching in my studio at Brugman Art, explaining the golden ratio to students.

8th May 2020

People asked me what it’s like to teach during this corona pandemic.

31st August 2019

Corne Akkers and a live portrait model at studio brugman

Me teaching during a portrait workshop today at Brugman Art, Voorburg, Netherlands

30th June 2019

Corne Akkers teaching at Brugman Art

From July 1st up to and including August 31st 2019) I will open my studio at Brugman Art for summer course (painting and drawing). Everyone is welcome to join my classes

3rd November 2018

Me speaching at the exhibition of Erick van Driel, Koos Modderman en Cora Alink in Brugman Art, Voorburg.

25th November 2017

Almost finished: my project ‘De Hofvijver’ – at Gallery Brugman.

2nd November 2017

Time lapse of today 2nd November, working on De Hofvijver (The Court’s Pond) at Kunstcentrum Brugman at Voorburg