Sans titre – 05-01-18

Cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing of Vivian Leigh

A new one in the sans titre series depicting Gone with the Wind actress Vivian Leigh. I like her cool looking appearnce hiding a turmoil of complex emotions, wandering from depression, alcoholism to briljant actorship and back, ending in her death by tuberculosis.

Mary Pickford – 13-09-17

cubistic portrait oil painting of Mary Pickford

This is the painting based on a previous drawing ‘Sans titre – 25-10-16’ depicting Mary Pickford, one of the first female leading ladies in movie history.

Eben Pagan – 09-08-17 (sold)

cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing

A second commission for the man in the title of the work. This one is done in the style from the (my) past when I liked to combine angular planes and hatched strokes.

Sans titre – 05-05-17

Cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing of Darja Collin

This one represents Darja Collin, fomer wife of J. Slauerhoff, a great dutch poet and writer of the 1930s.

Bettie Page – 24-02-17

surrealistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Another drawing by me of Bettie Page returning to surrealism again. After scrutinizing her features and estimating what her character would have been like I came to an inescapable conclusion. Eggs, rabbits, dogs and snakes could be derived from her and were essential for her expression.

Sans titre – 25-10-16 (sold)

cubistic portrait colored pencil drawing of Mary Pickford

One from the series ‘sans titre’ depicting moviestars. This one is a tribute to Mary Pickford in some kind of cubistic roundish style.

Sans titre – 17-10-16

Cubistic portrait colored pencil drawing of Mary Nolan

Continuation of the roundism series, representing Mary Nolan, American actress and celebrity.

Sans titre – 06-10-16

Cubistic natalie wood colored pencil drawing

One of the ‘sans titre’ series I made. This one is Natalie Wood put in the style of cubism / roundism.

Sans titre – 23-09-16

Cubistic portrait graphite pencil drawing of Gene Tierney

One out of the series ‘sans titre’ after the moviestar ‘Gene Tierney’ in the roundism style.