5th February 2023 – Exhibition at Gallery Ludens

My oil paintings ‘Rusalka, Free Floating in Ukrainian Waters – 28-02-22’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream – 05-04-22’ are at display.  Location: Gallery Ludens in Voorburg, Netherlands.

5th September 2019

My painting ‘Cubistic sitting nude (2014)’ will be present in the next ‘Nude’ exhibition at Gallery Ludens.

25th February 2017

Exhibition my work together with Julia Filament, Marco de Waal and Else Muller at Galerie R – Rotterdam, Netherlands

6th December 2016

A display of some pastels in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Artplu at China

6th September 2015

Official opening of the gallery at Brugman Art at Herenstraat 125, Voorburg, Netherlands on September 6th 2015.

2nd September 2007

Me at the vernissage of a group exhibition including some of my works at Gallery ‘Het Licht’, Valkenswaard, Netherlands