Clairobscur – 06-10-20

impressionisitic nude pastel drawing

In 2013 I started this clairobscur lit nude and tucked it in one of pastel maps, only to forget about it for years and years.

Bedside Moonlighting – 31-08-20

impressionistic nude graphite pencil drawing

My model and I were looking for intesting poses and on the bedside there it was: a beautiful one with some interesting lighting. Sometimes extreme light like in this particular case can offer a new insight in compositionary possibilities.

Clara – 24-04-20

surrealist graphite pencil drawing of a woman

Some time ago on Instagram I saw a beautiful woman showing a seated position of herself. I asked her for permission to draw her and decided to employ only my solarization effects of late.

Roundism – 16-01-19​

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Last August international dancer and model Julia Gómez Avilés came over to my studio where we, together with fellow artist Julia Filement, had a wonderful live session.

Roundism – 17-09-18

Cubistic nude colred pencil drawing

This is the fourth drawing of model Julia Gómez Alivés in which I combined my roundism with colors.

Julia – 11-09-18

cubist nude colored pencil drawing

The third drawing of Julia Gómez Avilés rendered with colour pencils. Last week I bought a great collection of Prismacolour pencils that brought me great joy using them

Julia -28-08-18

impressionistic nude pastel drawing

Yesterday I had famous dancer and choreographer Julia Gómez

Roundism – 04-08-18 (sold)

Cubistic nude graphite pencil drawing

Creation is a transformational process. I am fascinated by the thought I evoke chaos turning my graphite pencil fillings into dust and my pencil eraser into crumbles, but at the same time creating something new.