Sub rosa (2007) (sold)

surrealistic still life oil painting

Twice it came back to me because of the partner of the purchaser didn’t agree with the vibrator. The third time was a charm.

Foetus (2004)

Realistic nude oil painting

I love foreshortened positions and although the model is tucked in very tightly, through application of the golden ratio and positioning the model according it, the composition worked out fine.

Beatrix (1993)

Surrealistic portrait graphite pencil drawing thumbnail

A portrait of Beatrix, former queen of The Netherlands, serving as a portrait for the Leiden University Almanac 1993.

Oma (1991)

Realistic portrait graphite pencil drawing

My grandmother when she was 84. I studied law but did never quit drawing and painting.

Oma (1990)

Impressionistic female portrait graphite pendil drawing

A drawing of my grandmother Marie Kersten-Kuster done in an impressionistic way.

Girl (1990)

Impressionistic nude charcoal drawing

A study of foreshortening of the human body.

Sleeping girl (1990)

Impressionistic nude charcoal drawing

A study of a sleeping girl. My girl back then in my student days to be precise.