Marlot – 24-09-20

cubstic animal colored pencil drawing

And now for something completely different: cows in Marlot. I wanted to change the subject for once and do a drawing similar to the horses in my drawing Laren 30-04-20.

Marlot – 11-04-20

Impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

Last year this time around Spring I started a series of small graphite pencil landscapes, one per day.

Marlot – 18-02-16

surrealistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

Marlot Forest is around the corner from where I live and once I saw a woman and a cow there.

Marlot – 31-07-13 – 1

impressionistic treescape graphite pencil drawing

A quick sketch on my bike of Marlot, near The Hague Forest. I like doing these max. 10 minutes sketches and then go further.