Olympia – 22-03-19

Olympia – 22-03-19   Before last Tuesday’s model session I thought of a great pose I instructed to my model. It showed great triangular forms while her body would form […]


Roundism – 18-01-18

Roundism – 18-01-18   Based on my previous graphite drawing ‘Roundism – 11-01-18’ I made this one in pastel, allowing me to study the female body covered in oil. I […]


Binkie – 21-10-16 (sold)

Binkie – 21-10-16 (sold)   A commission to do a pet was a big challenge for me. I have never done a dog before. Luckily the commissioner, a collector of […]


Reclining nude – 28-01-15

Reclining nude – 28-01-15   A somehow expressionistic kind of pastel drawing that came from a live drawing session with my favorite model. Since they cost so much for a […]


Roundism – 13-01-15

Roundism – 13-01-15   Part of the roundism series. I once was in Amsterdam teaching for an international group of expats and we used an Italian model who posed for […]


Reclining nude – 10-11-14

Reclining nude – 10-11-14   I was hovering over my regular model and was charmed by this unusual angle. Perhaps you can forgive me when I tell you that I […]


Roundism – 06-10-14 (sold)

A pastel in the roundism series. I think it might be the first one. Looking back I think I was very risky with the colour scheme but I wanted to enforce the jump-like figure. It’s owned now by a private Chinese collector.


Cubistic Nude – 28-03-14

Cubistic Nude – 28-03-14  I particular like this one because it suits my expectations I had of an open field of geometrical shapes forming a nude woman. I’m playing with […]


Elementary Particles (2014) (sold)

An early very abstract cubist pastel that I like to do. The planes look so scatteered that I decided to call it ‘elementary particles’. It’s in Quatar now bought by a private collector.


Cubistic Nude 07 (2014) (sold)

With this pastel I was unfolding my way of cubism with different means than graphite only. This one is in Scotland in the hands of a private collector.