Marlot – 24-09-20

cubstic animal colored pencil drawing

And now for something completely different: cows in Marlot. I wanted to change the subject for once and do a drawing similar to the horses in my drawing Laren 30-04-20.

Golden brown – 24-08-20

cubistic nude colored pencil drawing called golden brown

The other day I bought new paper by Talens (Toned Colour Mix): a sturdy dark blue sheet perfect for colored pencil and pastel sticks. I also happened to find an old pastel stick (gold, Cretacolor 48254) that I did not use yet.

Nude – 01-10-17

cubistic nude colored pencil drawing

A rather loose cubistic sketch done with colour pencils. For the 4th time in a row I used the same (indian) model. Her skin allows me to use a lot of yellow which I counterbalanced with edgy purple planes.

Roundism – 26-11-16

cubist nude graphite and colored pencil drawing

An experiment on how to open up forms as much as possible according to my style ’roundism’. I wanted to have the model ‘breathe’ the space around her as much as possible.

Roundism – 20-11-16

Cubistic nude colored pencil drawing

The style of roundism put into colours and open spheres. I strongly looked for an overall distribution of the colour scheme so that none of the colours used would be dominant over another

Nude – 11-11-16

cubistic nude colored pencil drawing

Another model in colour and in straight cubistic planes left open to breathe.

Julia Filament – 03-11-16 (sold)

Cubistic portrait colored pencil painting

I took my dear colleague Julia Filament to the Mauritshuis, where I placed her in front of ‘The Girl with the pearl earring’ by Vermeer and rendered her cubistically.