Rotterdam – 23-07-19

impressionistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing of Rotterdam

In the dead of summer means I am in the midst of the outdoor sketching season. Although I did not complete this one on the spot the invention of the basic composition and planal distribution were done at Katendrecht, Rotterdam.

Rotterdam – 14-05-19

Cubistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

At Katendrecht in Rotterdam I had a clear view on the old harbour buildings and I saw the potential of horizontals, some verticals and a diagonal by means of a quay to the right.

15th April 2018

Sketching in Rotterdam – model session organized by Werklicht.

Rotterdam – Delftshaven – 31-03-17 (sold)

impressionistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

Situated at Rotterdam, Delftshaven is the old harbour entree for the city of Delft, at the north of Rotterdam. I wanted to do a drawing full of atmosperic depth but still with a bit of cubist styling in it.

Rotterdam – Coolhaven – 02-03-16 (sold)

Impressionistic landscape graphite pencil drawing

A rather impressionistic view on Coolhaven (part of the harbour of Rotterdam). I made this drawing inspired by a trip to Rotterdam when I passed by the Coolhaven and I lost a contact that day so I saw it quite blurry.