cubist landscape graphite pencil drawing

Veere – 26-03-20

After my walkabout through Veere I got back to the parking lot when I saw mill ‘De Koe’ just outside the historical centre. My mind was not fixed on any style but Leo Gestel’s depiction of olive groves at Mallorca weakly lingered at the back of my head.

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cubist cityscape graphite pencil drawing

Veere – 24-03-20

These unusual times cause people to search for new ways to keep their minds busy. Some told me they binge watch or take virtual tours online, others turn to books still waiting for them. As an artist I just turn to what I do best for all these years: drawing and painting.

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cubistic cityscape graphite pencil drawing

Veere – 04-04-19

Last weekend I was walking through Veere at Zeeland, Netherlands, a little pittoresque town. I returned to my car when I saw the sign ‘city wall tour’ and I decided to take that one and then, when I climbed onto them, I saw this great composition that reminded me of Caravaggio’s ‘Descent from the cross’, a perfect staircase composition – triangles within one big triangle.

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