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Welcome to my website through which I present my art works in a variety of styles and crossovers. Whether you like surrealism, cubism, roundism, realism, expressionism, impressionism, even pointillism, I like to experiment and combine them in my everlasting search to forge something new.
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Clicking an image (icon) in the oil painting, drawings and pastels section brings you to the actual post with more info, a bigger picture and a short video when available. You can like, comment, share or buy the post from there. Drop me a line through mail or phone if you want more information on an art work.
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Under 'printables' you can click on an image to purchase it. After payment you will get the download link directly.
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If available for sale you can send me a mail or click on the shopping cart to buy it in my web shop. Credit cards, Pay Pal and  Wire bankal transfers are accepted.
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The art work is available for sale if not indicated as 'sold' in the description.
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The 'search' box (low left on each page) enables you to search for a specific title or part of the description of an art work, for example 'roundism', 'impressionism'  or any other word used as a query.