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"My ever search is for the play of light and dark. In my eyes life and matter are defined by those two. Regardless of style the light is the leading lady in all my visual stories. Darkness is her dance partner making her shine like a star." 

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On this Home Page you can click on the icons and menu at the top or right to discover all my art works. They are available FOR SALE (if not SOLD already), as PRINTABLES and PRINTS. You can also read my BLOG.

Enjoy it and if you like what you see, drop me a line by mail or chat (click my face low right to open whatsapp).


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People often ask me what style my art works are in. That is a wild guess for me as well. My art statement above says it best: it is the light that guides me. I have wandered through all sorts of styles like impressionism realism cubism expressionism minimalism pointillism fauvism

I even invented a style of my own, called Roundism

However, I cannot be stuck in a single drawer. The connecting element in them all is a fascination for the play of light and dark

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Welcome to my website through which I present my art works in a variety of styles and crossovers. Whether you like surrealism, cubism, roundism, realism, expressionism, impressionism, even pointillism, I like to experiment and combine them in my everlasting search to forge something new.
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Clicking an image (icon) in the oil painting, drawings and pastels section brings you to the actual post with more info, a bigger picture and a short video when available. Then you can like, comment, share or buy the post from there. Return to Home by cliking the Home button again
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Under 'printables' you can click on an image to purchase it. After payment you will get the download link directly.
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If available for sale you can send me a mail or click on the shopping cart to buy it in my web shop. Credit cards, Pay Pal and  Wire bankal transfers are accepted.
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The art work is available for sale if not indicated as 'sold' in the description.
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The 'search' box (under 'Galleries' on this page) enables you to search for a specific title or part of the description of an art work, for example 'roundism', 'impressionism'  or any other word used as a query.

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