thumbnail portrait of Corne Akkers

27th June 2019

Hello to you all. I’m rebuilding my website that was way out-of-date. Still under development, trying to master WordPress and steadily reposting all the stuff I made throughout the years. Takes me one hot summer to go.

Anyway, feel free to drop by, take a peak: (mind the ‘s’ so it is secure to click at last đŸ˜‰

There are some interesting features that the websites offers like comment boxes (when you click on a post) and all kinds of social media share buttons so feel free to share. The site is adaptive to all screen formats. That was a major obstacle since everyone seems to stare at their smartphones nowadays.

Under ‘News’ I will share all things remarkable, worthwile and relevant, peppered with juicy pictures and short movies. More of a ‘blog’ kind of resolution I have.