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28th January 2019

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Corné Akkers: Artist of Shadow and Light by @BBuzzArt

Corné Akkers: Artist of Shadow and Light

Jul 4, 2018 · 2 min read

I have once tried to learn how to draw; it took me two painful months to master how the light and shadow works in a drawing — all I did was to look at an object, find a spot where the light comes, and express contrast observed within the object. Two months were not enough to fully understand how the concept works and with the frustration, I decided to quit. With this thought, it is nearly unbelievable our artist Corné Akkers — who seems to play with light and shadow by the fullest — did not enjoy formal art training. It feels like it would take a serious amount of time and effort for someone to demonstrate such skills in order to depict what Akkers does — mostly nudes in abstractive formation.


Roundism — 29–07–16, by Corné Akkers

Born in 1969 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, Corné Akkers employs a variety of styles that have one thing in common: search for a light on phenomena and shadow and light planes that block in. Akkers uses oil paint, dry pastel, and graphite pencil in his works. It is noticeable that he doesn’t use a lot of colours within his works; the fact lets his works to be more efficient to show the contrast within themselves. The abstraction is another fun part to look at within Akker’s works; he does not see the world in a flat, boring way — he depicts his objects in circular lines to exaggerate volume and space.


Henk Akkers — 15–02–17, by Corné Akkers

Akkers currently works as an artist in the Hague and as a teacher in fine arts in Voorburg, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. According to Akkers, he started drawing since he was two years old — maybe it was in his blood that he was to become an artist.

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Nude — 01–10–17, by Corné Akkers