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7th November 2021 – Julia Filament and Me at Singer Laren

Today I had the privilege to visit the Singer Laren Museum with my colleague and dear friend Julia Filament. Object of adoration: the temporary exhibition ‘De Ontdekking van het Heden’. Worth the trip, last but not least because of her enchanting company. It was a long time ago since we went together to a Museum: back in 2016 to the Mauritshuis.

In fact we also liked the exhibition itself. Lots of works by modernists. Only two works by Salvador Dali, a couple of wonderful ones by Man Ray (both photography and painting). Personally I liked the Max Ernst piece and the big Delaunay work with three cubist nudes. Wonderful sautated yet complementary color scheme of reds and greens.

A wonderful day, lovely to see her again and we topped it off with a dinner in Hilversum.