cubistic still life oil painting

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Abstract Fruits (2013)

Still Life

A search for capturing a still life in my kind of cubism. For this one I looked closely to Cézanne who claimed he could surprize Paris with a single apple. However, in this one I also tried to chop it up like Jan Brein, creating a ‘shifted structure’ through diagonals. The blue and orange give maximum complementary power to the painting.

Not My Type

Even though to the artist the ‘what’ (subject or motif) is not important but the ‘how’, I still do not care for still lifes very much. Moreover, I think the french translation expresses it best: ‘nature morte’. Nevertheless do I realize that it is just me. For the sake of my development as an artist I still liked doing this oil and it was a long time ago since i started my first regular Still Life with Fruit (2004). Perhaps I could place fruits and what have you not, in even more diagonally placed directions. The arrangement in this oil painting is still too much horizontal, even though I caught Cézanne doing the same and I object to these as well (a little).

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Oil on linen (50 x 60 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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