cubist treescape graphite pencil drawing

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Beek – 09-05-24

Liberation Day Walk

This graphite pencil drawing ‘Beek – 09-05-24’ is a bit of cubism placed in atmospheric depth. Last weekend I went out to spot some sceneries with my dad. Playground: Berg en Dal and Beek-Ubbergen. We parked on the Rijksstraatweg and walked our way up to the Filosofendal. That was last May 5th, Liberation Day. Not a particular beautiful day though. In the beginning it was cloudy and I saw dark clouds start appearing. Later that walk here comes the sun. Suddenly there was enough sunshine to took some great reference pictures of treescapes and hills. There was also Huis Wylerberg that caught my attention. Surely gonna make some of that villa in the next future. Perhaps even doing a pastel on a spot I discovered. There, in a meadow, you look right over the house and the Ooijpolder. That will be later. First, my artistic considerations as to this.


Walking back to my car there was this beautiful willow tree with some houses in the background. Immediately I thought of a previous treescape I made, called ‘Kethel – 13-07-19 (Sold)’. This time I thought the triangular roof shapes were in perfect contrast to all things circular in the tree. Maybe this one turned into something more realistic. At least less abstract than the Kethel piece. However, there is plenty of abstraction, especially in the foliage and little branches. In the end I toned down the houses and the tree in the back on the right. They asked for too much attention. It’s always hard to finetune these things. Too much and it will be in competition with the main theme. Too less and you cannot have secondary stuff support that main theme efficiently. All in all, a nice experiment and a bit back to cubist styling again.

Pitt Graphite Matt pencil (Faber-Castell, 14B) drawing on Winsor & Newton paper (10.5 x 14.8 x 0.1 cm)

Artist: Corné Akkers

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