impressionisitic nude pastel drawing

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Clairobscur – 06-10-20


In 2013 I started this clairobscur lit nude and tucked it in one of pastel maps, only to forget about it for years and years. I remembered I was not quite satisfied by the color saturation and the color scheme itself. It leaned too much on the red and purple side. Besides that, the proportions were slightly off.



If you become curious right now, I have a whole bag of mishaps loitering about. It is one of the long and winding roads an artist has to take, especially when frantically looking for a style to call my own. In the meantime this kind of impressionism in hatched strokes I did a lot but once in a while it is fun to take it up once again. In fact posting ‘Pastel Study 04 (2013)’ reminded me to finish this one.


Second Chance

Sometimes you have to give a pastel a second chance or in other worlds, give myself a new shot at it. The solution was fairly simple. I adjusted the foreshortening a bit and added green to the scene, compensating for the deep dark purples and reds that come from Schmincke and Unison. Sometimes the color it is too dire and hatching some greens in might do the trick, resulting in almost a kind of divisionism as employed by pointillists.


Pastel drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes Touch paper (50 x 65 x 0.1 cm)

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Artist: Corné Akkers